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Terms of Service


  • Mayhew's Design does not allow pornographic material on servers or will create websites to be used with pornographic material.
  • Mayhew's Design does not allow unsolicited email of any kind.
  • Mayhew's Design has the right to terminate your account or cancel services at any time without a refund. Please review account termination policy for more information below.

User Agreement

This user Agreement ("Agreement") is an agreement between Mayhew's Design and the party set forth to receive web services ("Client" or "You") incorporated herein by reference, and applies to the purchase of all and any services ordered by the client from Mayhew's Design. Purchase for any and all services creates an agreement between the client and Mayhew's Design. Consisting of the order, applicable service description, account manager of Mayhew's Design agreement, and this User Agreement. You are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement and all terms and conditions incorporated by reference in this agreement, including Mayhew's Design non-profit policy and web design/development contract. The agreement can be changed at any time by Mayhew's Design.
Purchasing and using the services constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

Client shall follow Mayhew's Design Web design and development contract if applicable. The contract as amended, modified, or updated from time to time by Mayhew's Design is incorporated in this Agreement by reference.

Non-Profit Policy

This is the same listed on our Non-Profit page.


We do not allow any website that has any negative materials such as pornographic material or uses scamming or spamming practices. These include using emails without any unsubscribe feature or allowing customers to purchase fake services or products, etc. Please review account termination for more information. Mayhew's Design is not responsible for any activities performed on websites hosted. We have the right to suspend or cancel services at any time due to questionable activity.

You have the ability to change your hosting at any time to a different package. Please take into account you will need to pay any associated difference in hosting plans. Mayhew's Design does not offer refunds for those who downgrade their hosting.


Mayhew's Design offers a maintenance plan. Based on the scope of work (design, development, graphic, marketing) a hourly rate is applied and charged. Mayhew's Design will complete requested work by two business days. If work is needed before two business days or on the weekend Mayhew's Design will increase the hourly rate.
Mayhew's design has an one hour minimum for charging maintenance. Clients who do not meet this requirement will still be charged but for one hour. The remaining amount of time will be rolled over to the following month.

Account Termination

We have the right to terminate or suspend any account without refund. Grounds of termination and suspension are listed but not limited to below:

Overdue Balance Information

Client accepts to pay Mayhew's Design for service fees which agreed to. Client also accepts any consequences for not paying these charges/balances, these consequences are presented below.

Mayhew's Design has planned out the overdue balance polices for each invoice. If design contract does not include an overdue consequence schedule please refer to the one below.

Period Overdue Consequence(s)
20 Days Late fee is applied. All current work orders or requests are paused.
45 Days Account is suspeneded. Website and/or hosting are deactivated. Charge is applied to reactivate the services.
Reactivation Charge: $50.00
Late Fee: Starts at $25.00 then is increased by 75 cents per day late!

Account Closure

Clients may close their account at any time with Mayhew's Design. In order to do so there must be no balance on file. If an invoice only contains hosting charges and is not overdue, Mayhew's Design will remove the balance with request by client. Mayhew's Design has the right to not release any items to client in event of account closure with balance on file.
Client is responsible for paying any domain/hosting transfer fees or charges of outside companies to transfer out of Mayhew's Design.

Money Back Guarantee/Refund Policy

Hosting: Money Back Guarantee periods are determined by your payment period. To calculate the money back guarantee simply times the months in your payment period by 7.5 and round down, i.e. 1 month = 7 days, 12 months = 90 days.

Design/Development: There is no money back guarantee for down payment/security deposit. Refund will be awarded for work not completed by the schedule or by discretion of Mayhew's Design.  

Maintenance: Does not offer any money back guarantee, however we will gladly fix the issue at no additional cost.

Privacy Agreement

Mayhew's Design will not share any of your valuable information to any outside source by any means without your consent. Any information given to Mayhew's Design and your account manager will stay private.