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Non-Profit Discounts

We built our company from helping non-profit organizations! Giving discounts on most of our services to qualified non-profit organizations.

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We offer hosting! We have multiple options to fit your or your organization's needs! If choosen for any web design or development project we do recommend we provide you hosting. Hosting is comprised of Storage, Bandwidth, Email Accounts, Databases, and more! Please note we automatically include unlimited storage & bandwidth to all hosting clients, why pay for something that should be included.

Hosting plans start around $3.00 a month depending on what you decide to include.


Domain registration is included in all hosting packages. We can register and manage your domain. Handling all renewals, administrative actions, and domain protection. Giving you one less thing to worry about!


Why not let us design your website? We create custom built websites based on what you need, not what we want. This includes the actual design of the website to graphics and testing. We charge by estimating the amount of time it takes to create the website. Any time that is not used is applied as credit to be used later. Design is a one-time payment but can be split into monthly payment options to better suit your budget.

We take care of the all the details! We create a partnership with you to develop the website you are dreaming of without compromises. We strive to make this unfamilar process as easy as possible, you have enough to worry about.


We do not stop at making website look good. We can make functional applications to fit your organizations needs. Developing custom applications ranging from client management systems to calendars, we can do it all. Note that applications tend to take more time in developing from planning, creating, and testing. We do not want to cut corners on your system. Websites are already mobile compatiable and can be easily integrated into existing websites.


Confused on what needs to be done with your website? Don't be, we can handle your website and let you focus on more important items for your organization. Just send us what you need help with and we will take care of it. Tasks a commonly completed within 2 business days (all depending on the task at hand).
We offer two convenient ways to pay for maintenance: Prepaid or Pay as you go. Each providing benefits to exactly whant needs to be done.

Contact us and we can send you more maintenance information.